Contact Information


  •  Do you take orders for customizing packages?

Yes, Our designers can help you customize your very own package!

  •  Can you accept OEM or ODM?

Yes, we do accept OEM and ODM!

  •  How do I apply my Lashes? 

You just bought your lashes and they're fresh out the box! First, you want to pick them up with your tweezers on the end of the bands and carefully measure them to your eye length and trim your lashes down. Most of the Lashes are made long for you to adjust to your eye length. Finally, carefully apply glue and wait for around 5 seconds then apply to your eye.

  •   Can I cancel my order?

Yes, You can cancel your order after you placed it. Please email us as soon as possible at "Lashes4today@gmail.com" if you wish to cancel your order.

  •  How do discounts work?
When you're purchasing over 6 items, then you'll receive a discount. We also give out discount coupons during the holidays that you may use only for a limited time.
How Do I Order Custom Lash Boxes?
        Request a Custom Order
        Include the Following in Message:
       *How you want your boxes to look
       *What you want your boxes to say
       *Placement of Wording, Logo, Colors, Glitter, Metallic, Fonts,etc.
       *You can choose to customize an example box, customize a box you've seen (send photo) or come up with your own unique design
       *After Payment is made a box design blueprint image will be sent of how your boxes will look for your approval
*Once Approved Boxes will be made
*Processing time is 3-4 Weeks
*100 Box Minimum
*Provide your email to receive videos of box examples