Eyelash Strips v.s Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Strips Versus Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered if eyelash extensions are for you? There are a few reasons that this procedure is coveted. For one, extensions stay on longer, and you wake up with sultry eyes without even having to apply anything to them. Another reason to have eyelash extensions is that they are generally water-proof and will stay on at pool parties and beach events. And eyelash extensions are desired because they are applied in a spa-like environment, that can be soothing and pampering.
But what is the real cost of eyelash extensions?
For one, they have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. If you don't go to a reputable and licensed professional, you could wind up with an eye infection or worse. Going to someone to apply products and chemicals so close to the delicate eye area is an important decision that could affect you for the rest of your life if you choose to trust the wrong technician. Secondly, the procedure takes a very long time to apply individual lashes, upwards to an hour sitting in the chair. Thirdly, eye sensitivity is a huge issue as many people have extremely sensitive eyes and the glue which is used to adhere the lashes to the eye can be irritating and can cause rashes and worse if it gets into the eye itself. And lastly, this procedure damages the natural eyelash because they are stuck onto the natural hair, and when the synthetic lashes fall off it often takes the natural lash along with it. After prolonged and regular eyelash extension procedures the natural eyelashes can fall out.
What's the next best thing?
Let's face it, we all want lashes. Big, lucious, flirtatious, sultry lashes that make us instantly look bright-eyed and ready for the day. Not all of us can afford bi-weekly trips to the eyelash extansion technician, and the risk to the eye doesn't make us feel good about the decision, anyway. Welcome to the world of lash strips!
Lash strips are way more budget-friendly and they come in a variety of different lengths, colors, and volume. They're easy to apply and when applied correctly, should not damage your eye or pull out any lashes which makes is safer and preserves your natural hairs better than eyelash extensions. And the best part about it is, you can alwyas change your eye look at the drop of a dime. Eyelash strips can be soft and natural for the daytime, and you can choose to go with a more dramatic and glamourous set for evening wear. With so many choices in lash strips, it makes it more fun to dress up and express yourself, all without the risk of losing your eyesight and your lashes.


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