5 Reasons to Wear Lashes4Today Lashes

Wearing false lashes for the first time can be intimidating. Most people find applying these falsies to be a little tricky, and can be overwhelming especially if you are completely new to it. The worst thing you could end up with as a beginner is having to go through the day with glue stuck to your fingers or even having the lashes fall out whilst wearing them outside your house.
However, once you get used to applying and wearing false lashes, only then will you appreciate the convenience of having them on your eyes. Once you’ve mastered the technique in wearing them, you will find how easy it can be to adjust them on your lash lines and also how easily it can be to remove them the proper way.
So, if you have never worn them before, here are 5 reasons that might convince you to finally wear false lashes:
1. Wearing false lashes would also strengthen your real eyelashes!
There is no special ingredients in applying falsies that is proven to strengthen your real lashes. However, wearing false lashes can become an alternative to using mascara in order to make your real lashes stronger and healthier. Mascara is known to weaken your real lashes and making them more brittle.
2. They can simply make your eyes gorgeous!
False lashes provides you the simplest way of changing up your look in seconds. You will always have the option of using them for special nights/events to give yourself a glam makeover to complete your make-up look. The difference with ordinary lashes and luxury 3D lashes are all based on its volume and length, with 3D lashes being more dramatic, a perfect way to make your eyes pop!
3. False lashes keeps your skin healthier!
One thing that you might not realise yet is how all the wiping and rubbing of all those make-up around your eyes results in tons of eyelash loss. Aside from that, it also damages the skin around your delicate eye lids, especially when these make-up are not removed properly. The use of mascara and waterproof formulas are known to be drying to the skin, as well as curling your lashes can also cause breakage. Old mascara that are renewed frequently also traps bacteria and can infect the lash follicle.
4. False lashes comes in various designs and materials
Different false lashes would deliver different quality and styles depending on the price and brand. Many false lashes are made of high-quality materials so that you would feel comfortable wearing them.
5. Save money with false lashes
With falsies, you have the option of choosing different styles to buy and wear for various different events. It’s true eyelash extensions can be a convenient alternative, however certain services could come in quite a high cost. If you like the flexibility of switching between different styles to pair with your make-up, then false lashes is the best way to go!
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