The Purse That Holds its Value

The Purse That Holds its Value

The Purse That Holds its Value:  HERMES


Investing in a bag is something that many of us beauties do.  All of the brand names out there are producing lovely statement pieces that we collect for different seasons.  However, which bags are worth the investment?  And yes, bags are an investment, if you choose the right brand.  And one of those brands that we are going to discuss is the Hermes brand. 


Hermes is a brand notorious for its scarcity and exclusivity.  There is no waiting list for a bag, and prices can range from anywhere between 9000 to $150,000.  You must have a good relationship with a Hermes salesmen, and have good luck as the timing to get a bag can be quite a pain if you are shopping for a new bag.  Shopping for a used bag is also daunting, because resale prices usually exceed original tags. Fr instance, we can see them reselling for upwards to $230,000 a bag.  Because of the limited quantities available, Hermes Birkin bags are the most sought-after bags by socialites.  Here are a few of the most iconic Birkin bags today.


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