Boss Lady Monday

Boss Lady Monday


3 Ways to Invest in Yourself


Hello beautiful lash ladies, happy Boss Lady Monday and in today’s blog I’m giving you some tips in investing into yourself.  We ladies are so busy with work, family and home that we can overlook ways to invest into our own well-being, whether that be financial, mental or physical.  Let’s look at three ways we can increase our value.

  • Gain information.  This can be by reading books or listening to podcasts, or studying a topic. By learning one topic for one hour a day, in one year you will be an expert.  It’s always good to be specialized in something, or be generally well-rounded. 
  • Take time to rest.  Taking time out from our busy schedules sounds so cliché, but we often go without rest and oftentimes we don’t block out designated times for rest.  When we are well-rested, we are able to think more clearly and feel more centered.
  • Customize systems for all aspects for your daily life.  From our kitchen tasks to organizing our paperwork, we need organized systems in place to function optimally.  There are many systems online that are proven to work well, and we can always customize these systems to suit our individual needs.  Great systems can give you peace of mind.



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